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So, Okay, So

I was at this party at university. I would normally have felt pretty intimidated by the high social standing of the other guests. But I was a bit more at ease than usual. Mainly because my girlfriend was making out with this guy named Carl in the corner of the living room. And everyone liked Carl. That gave me a certain cachet that I used to my advantage throughout the evening.

 It was no more than a week after this party that April left school, went back home and spent a bit of time in a hospital. She took my Texas Instruments 58C programmable calculator with her. Not particularly on purpose Im sure but. Id had it since high school. It was my first computer. I wrote video games for it and crap like that. So, I do thank her for taking it away.

 But, I fear I may be off topic. Anacin is my favorite breakfast food. Let me tell you why.